jeensgrrl (jeensgrrl) wrote,

Fucking vaccum cleaner I hate you

Ok I just had to order another vaccum. I bought my last one in March and the damn thing already shit the bed, well it shit the bed about 4 months ago now..I've just been in denial and swweping my area rugs clean. I will never buy a bagless vac ever agian, not only have I had problem with mine, but my sister and my father have also had problems with them. Mine actually covers the floor with dirt, even though I empty the freaking thing after I use it all the time. I tried it the other day thinking that by some odd miracle it would work and I actually had to bang my rug out outside because it was so covered with dirt from the vaccum that you couldn't see the rug. Another 160.00 down the fraking drain. Tomorrow is gracery day...yay!!! I am going to buy some bacon for BLTs:) I haven't had those in a long time, I also want to make clam chowder this month sometime and some potato soup. Maybe I'll nmake a lasagna too. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it. I have to be careful though...the kids are going to be home for like 2 weeks out of the next month so I need to buy things that wil go a long way. I usually do my grocery shopping on a monthly basis now, I just go to the supermarket to pick up fruit and the basics every week. I do this basically because I can't stand food shopping anymore. Its fun to go and get all my yummies, but if I go every week I end up spending a fortune on crap I don't need. Not to mention the place I go I have to bag up all my groceries. Yes the food is way cheap, but I hate bagging it all. My cold seems to be coming to an end, I stil fell a little shitty, but not so bad. i think I just need some extra rest, which has been hard for me to get with a stuffy runny nose. I did sleep to 7:40 this morning though, lol. I usually get up between 6-6:30 to get the kids ready for dad comes at 7:50 to get bring them. neddless to say it was a major rush, I'm just happy they eat breakfast at school, all they had to do was get dressed. I still had to wake the 3 year old beast up though, which usually takes about 10 minutes all in itself, that girl could sleep longer than me. She must have sensed the rush though because she got up and got dressed with minimum hassle. Of course Ben was awake, did he bother to get me up at quarter past when he knew what time it was...nooooooooo....ughhhhh. Ok I'm going I want to go to bed...I probably won't right away, but who knows.
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