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Well he lied about the phone...he called me after work and I asked him why he had a new number...he goes on to say that it is the same phone number and I'm just crazy. I say "well why is it showing up a different number on the caller id?" Oh yeah I didn't want to tell you but I did change it..WTF. Why would he lie to me about something so simple. So I asked why he changed it and he said "because he felt like it, no real reason" For some reason after he said that I smelled bullshit so bad it was stinging my nose. So I was angry and I just ignored him. About an hour after him coming home he told me he was leaving because he didn't feel welcome...bah...good whatever. In the meantime while hes getting ready to leave the UPS man come to the door and braings me a package. I know the guy so I started talking to him for a about a minute. By the time the UPS guy left Wally snuck out and left without even saying goodbye...ass. I don't care that he didn't say bye to me, but he could have said something to the kids..the dick. Then when I opened the package from UPS I discovered it was Wally's Christmas present...not I have a cute little bonsai tree to call my very own, lol. Oh and he took his clothes too and his undies, lol...I checked so I would know if he was coming home or not, lol. I guess hes not at least not for awhile and then its going to be debateable whether I let him back in since he doesn't have the keys...LMAO. As you can probably tell I'm not upset at all about this in fact it feels good really. I don't have to worry about him anymore and his stupidity...Free free at last. So yeah the going away party starts at kidding.
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