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Well happy new years. It is a time for new beginnings!!! I'm glad for a lot of things this year, but mainly that I have grown up enough to know the differnce between someone who cares about me and someone who pretends. I'm also glad that my patience level has gone up and that I'm trying to quit smoking...again, lol. I'm glad I lost 45 pounds last year....but I will be hayy to try again this year for another 25. I'm happy to have a safe home, food, money and everything I need for my family and I to live a comfortable life in our little corner of the world...some don't have those things. I'll be grateful to watch another year go by in my childrens lives...Noel is 4 today, Ben will be 10, and Walter will be 2. The time flies when your having fun, but I am looking foward to this year...the year of new beginnings for me and for many.
Happy Birthday Noel!!!
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