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Well it finally happened...I got rid of Wally...totally gone now...ahhhhhhhh. You know when they say "when one dorr closes another door opens?"? it's true. I've told a few of you that I have a son that lives with his dad...I hadn't seen him since he was 18 mo old. He will be six in April...and I finally got to see him...he slept over with his dad...more on that later...last night. He got so is his pic
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I'm so excited...tommy had a talk with him about me and he knows I'm his mom....he called me mommy you know...he says he loves me and I got tons of hugs and kisses...he is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I cried like a baby because I feel like I missed out on so much with him, but really this is a beginning and I should just go about all this from here on in and not drag the past back in. Tommy wants me back, he says he loves me, but since I am having such shitty trust issues right now I want to move sort of slow, well I don't want to move slow, but my head is telling me to, lol. He is really trying to impress me though, lol. He called me around 12 yesterday and asked me if I was hungry so he bought me lunch and sat and ate with me....he even shared his lunch with little Walter. Noel likes him too...she let him pick her up last thats amazing from the girl who won't let anyone but me pick her up..well maybe she would let auntie...but certainly not anyone Tommy really likes the kids...this is a good thing thats starting to happen I think. It seems so normal with Zack here and the peace I'm feeling with myself is som,ething I haven't felt in years. I thuink this is going to complete me. Between us we have a grand total of 5 kids because Tommy has a daughter with his ex...shes 2 her name is Abigail. Anyway...more later....
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