jeensgrrl (jeensgrrl) wrote,

heya I'm still alive

I tell you what...I didn't realize how long ago I posted to this thing. I have been a busy lady. Things are okay I'm with kenny still and we are still planning on getting married. The kids are all doing very well. Noel is almost 5 now and her speach has improved dramatically. Ben just turned 10 and he thinks he is Walter is doing well too he has been a little sick lately but other than that he is in excellent shape. I've been watching kids lately at one point it was up to 7 including my it is back down to 6...surprised I didn't rip my hair out...tee hee. I'm back doing eBay. I dunno I'm knitting like a fool again...not so much crochet anymore it was getting too tough on the wrists. I'm still living at the same place. I've changed my style quite a I'm going to post some pics so ya'll can take a gander at the new me. But yeah okay I will talk to you all soon and I hope you all are doing well.
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