jeensgrrl (jeensgrrl) wrote,

It would be very nice if walter would make up his mind on how he would like me to put him to bed. Sometimes he likes rocking together and a song, other times just put him down and leave him, then again sometimes (like tonight) he can't make up his mind, so for an hour I've had a cranky baby that doesn't know what to do with himself. I finally got him to bed...I think 7 PM is a great bedtime, 6 is early, but he does like to go to bed then though sometimes. I also hope he wakes up bright and early tomorrow because I have some things to do with my parents, they are coming to get me at around 8AM or so. I;m lucky if I'm dressed by then on a typical day. I am wondering when Noel's eyeglasses are going to be here...they said 4-6 weeks, because I'm on state insurance, so I'm hoping by next week. For her birthday would be nice, I can't beleive she is going to be four on January 1st. I'm am glad though, She doesn't throw many temper tantrums anymore and she is better at communicating her needs although she still doesn't have the speech that she should. Speech therapy finally started for her though last week and I notice that she is trying to say more and a few things are a little clearer than before. Today was soooooooooo cold, 20 degrees was the high and right now it is only 19.....brrrrrrrrr. I really hate the cold. I would love to move to a place that offered warm weather all year round without it being too hot. I would just like to wear jeans and shortsleeves all the time without a need for a jacket. Only 11 more days until Christmas, and only 10 more days until I get to see what Wally's mom and dad got me:D Usually they buy my some really crappy gift, but they do give out lots of cash too...which is nice. And I'll even go out on the limb and say that the gifts they give aren't really crappy, just very practical, or corny. For example I would not be surprised to see a Chia Pet or the clapper, or a set of dishes under the tree.
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