jeensgrrl (jeensgrrl) wrote,

Save the Drama for your mama....

Ok so heres the deal. i saw Wally on Saturday so he could take Noel to his moms house. We talked....he was seeing someone else. I knew it...but he lied at first until I told him that it wouldn't matter if he told me the truth because we weren't getting back together. So he told was sort of pathetic because I know the girl...not well but I met her when I went to dinner with him one night, she seems nice. I told him that if he was happy then he should not worry about me...god I was being selfless, lol. I'm mad that he lied to me though...its like you know someone for 5 years and you think you know them...I guess not. He told me that he would take care of therent for me until I can do it on my own and that I will let him see the kids whenever he wants. He can even come over here and spend time with them I really don't care...I am so nice. I also told him that if he doesn't pay the rent and get everything I need for the kid I'd nail him for child support ...hard. I'm not going to play any games with him you know. If he wanted to leave so bad then hes going to at least do what I need him to do for the kids. Whatever its just time to move on in fact its probably been time to move on for awhile now. I have to get myself back to where I was before I met him and have fun again. its time to take care of myself...although thats kind of hard, lol. I have been lonely the past couple of days even though my sister stayed with me overnight on christmas eve. I'm still kind of lonely...I probably will be that way for a little while. I'm trying to go through everything and get rid of it so I don't have to be remined of all the bullshit that I've been about for the past 5 years you know. I'll write more later..right now I'm to chow:)
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