jeensgrrl (jeensgrrl) wrote,

Thanks for the nudge girl_with_purse I keep meaning to update but yeah well thats been hard. Ok so I'll update now, lol.
Having 4 kids around is hard work...way harder than just 3. My house looks like it ought to be condemned by the city, well maybe not that bad, but its pretty awful and it doesn't meet my standards at will get day. Everyone is adjusting well, Tommy is moving in and all is pretty tame right now. I called Walter to see if he'd come and finally get all his shit out of here by tomorrow, if he doesn't come guess where its going? Yup thats right the trash.hes still got so much crap here its pathetic and I warned him that I would do this. Oh well no biggie it will bring me joy and delight to put it all in trash bags and throw it out:) I applied for cash assistance through welfare so I can pay my rent...ughhhh...I got approved but unfortunately the woman at welfare forgot to have me sign a paperso instead of getting my money today I have to wait until friday or saturday. I kind of need it now but I guess it will be okay for then...just annoying. So now I have to go down there at 12:30 to sign the paper...growl...I had to call dad for a ride, normally I would just take the bus but the baby is sleeping and Noel comes home for 12:30 so yeah dad was the way to go on this one. The welfare lady really got me sort of stressed out when she called so I burnt my bagel I was frying up so now I'm starving too....nice. Tommy came home from work a little while ago because it was slow but he only stayed home for about an hour and he went to his friends house which is fine I need my personal time....thats what I like he goes out but doesn't take advantage of it. I need my time and he needs his so it works out good ya know. Oh I started making a new scarf too...just stupid red heart, but oh well. I haven't made a scarf in a long time, lol, boring and repetitive, lol. Thats okay its in my fave color a nice apple green. Ben has been mouthy lately...little pain in the butt...I don't know why hes been so fresh but he'll stop eventually I guess. I'm also waiting for my mail to come....not like its going to be anything uplifting but whatever I like mail. Speaking of which I got a billyesterday, well not a bill for me, but for Walter. It was the ever dreaded gas I don't have to pay it this time around because it is still under his name but the bill for next month will be different I have to pay it and I don't want another 350.00 bill...that is soooo nuts just to heat my home....fucking loonies at the gas company. Whatever I'll just keep the thermostat as low as possible for as long as possible to keep the bill down. Ok I can't think of anything else right now so I need to go find something to eat before I start bouncing of the walls from hunger, lol.
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