jeensgrrl (jeensgrrl) wrote,

I'm back

So here I am I'll give those of you who don't have a myspace account the ups on whats been going on. I met this great guy named Kenny back in March, March 21 to be exact. We have gotton engaged and things are wonderful. The kids are good too. Noel ends school on Thursday, Bubba is talking and copyin everyhting that Kenny does, and Ben is well...playing a lot of video games. Walter hasn't seen the kids for about 2 and 1/2 months. He is an ass, he won't even pick up the phone to talk to the kids. Whatever. He loses out. I got a washing machine finally, for free mind you. I have been doing laundry all weekend and my arms hurt from hanging it up in my house. Ummmm...let's see what else...hmmm...I don't know it's been fairly "normal" around here for so long I don't have much to yak about. I am crocheting a little more. I'm making a poncho for the Fall for Noel, she loves ponchos. It is a turtleneck one, pink and white. I'm going to dye my hair black tonight. I am also going to get multiple piercings. Not tonight, but soon because we bought some piercing needles and some hot body jewelry to go along with it. I got it off of eBay. Speaking of which eBay suspended my fucking account. Assholes. Walter ran up my old tab with them and never paid it, so I just created another account with another debit card, too bad they found out it was me of course I've had these accounts for almost a year now.....they don't catch on too quick apparently. They are raining my bag. I want to start up a t-shirt business with Kenny too. Not sure what we are going to name it yet though. Sure we'll come up with something. We have a lot ideas for funny shirts. Like he wants one that says "Worlds Greatest Lesbian" and "Ron Jeremy Is My Dad"....yeah those kinds of t-shits. I want to put Jesus in a caddy and put the saying..."I roll with Jesus" for Ben, since he likes church so much. So yeah. Oh and I have a cell phone too so if anyone wants to text me go for it....5084418449. Ok peeps going to get going talk to you all real soon. Oh and did I mention that I weigh 198 when last year at this time I weighed 260...yeah baby...first time I've been under 200 in ten years...LOL. Bye!!!!
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